Net Zero COnsulting

Net Zero Consulting

Tackling your emissions and achieving net-zero carbon


Whether you’re at the start of your sustainability journey or you’re already committed and need a hand reaching your targets, addressing your carbon emissions is the key to securing more business, cutting costs and doing your part to save the planet.

Our net-zero consultants will empower you to create better decisions to reduce your emissions and accelerate your journey to net zero.


Net Zero Strategy

Implementing a net-zero strategy is imperative for your organisation to reduce its CO2 emissions and reach 2050 objectives. Our experts will evaluate current processes before applying science based targets (SBTi) or similar schemes, to create a strategy that reaches your organisation’s goals.

Carbon Footprinting

Imperative to comprehending your environmental impact, carbon footprinting presents an important initial stage where you can evaluate the full extent of your carbon output.

All our carbon footprint analysis services apply GHG (Greenhouse gas) protocol. Scope 1 & 2 enables you to see the direct impacts of your emissions before Scope 3 reveals the indirect emissions key to your overall output.

Delving deeper with Scope 3 reveals the entire extent of your emissions, such as water waste and collaborative processes. Due to the extensive nature involved in assessing and evaluating indirect emissions, Scope 3 is an ideal solution for businesses operating in a supply chain.

But regardless of your business size or purpose, our carbon footprinting services are on hand to remove the complexity and help you achieve your reduction targets.

Energy Management

We've assisted numerous public sector clients and large brands with either interim or consultancy-based energy management.

By utilising our experienced team of experts ready to assist your business in the management of energy, you can also reduce capital spent on staff overheads.

Our flexible approach offers a solution for your business without the hassle and fear of being stuck in a complicated and expensive contract.


Need something off the menu? Our team of energy management and renewable project consultants can provide bespoke environmental consultancy services when you need them most.

Whether you need a hand with any Green House Gas (GHG) schemes, viability studies, CDP or ESG returns, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Renewable projects

From solar to wind and hydro generation to lighting and control upgrades, we have the renewable energy solution that best suits you. We have built a reliable and experienced partner network to provide a range of solutions that meet your needs.

With viability analysis across the most suitable projects, we assist your decision-making with data insights to gain comparative pricing.

Our renewable projects can also include funding opportunities, such as CAPEX projects, finance term projects, or commercial power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Carbon Offsetting

Whether it’s short or medium-term objectives, our trusted network of partners provides the highest quality carbon reduction schemes that align with the values of your organisation.

All our recommended carbon offset schemes are accredited through well recognised schemes such as the Forestry Commission, WCC (Woodland Carbon Code), Verra (VCS) and the Gold Standard.

Energy Audits

Working to BS: EN16247 auditing standards, our experts will highlight energy waste and improve low and high-cost interventions to assist you in streamlining your energy costs and reducing your carbon impact.

We also pride ourselves on applying advanced technology solutions to enhance your experience. This results in a more qualitative approach to our reporting and provides valuable insights to make the right decisions.

Whether for legislative, strategy or project requirements, our audits provide genuine insight into how you can achieve cost savings and GHG reductions.

With countless energy efficiency audits for various clients under our belt, rest assured we can provide you with superior sustainable solutions regardless of your industry.
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We’re here to advise and establish your decarbonisation plan for 2050. For more information about how our net-zero consultancy and strategy services can support your business, get in touch.